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It is a concept based subject and one of the most popular among aspirants of all backgrounds. It also overlaps with the prelims exam as well as GS 1 geography section. Moreover, it is a scoring subject and one can score high if the concepts are clear. On the other hand, it is one of the most favorite optional among students. So, to get an edge map based representation and diagrams need to be depicted alongside. The Geography optional enrichment programs are devised for students to get an extra edge over others in optional. Course empowers the students with necessary value addition points, case studies, mind maps , diagrams. With specialized focus on answer writing technique , students can maximize there optional scores in shortest time.

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Course Features

Target 320+ in Optional

we work upon your basic concept building to get a good grasp over the optional and focus on high yielding areas where one can maximize the scores.

Micro schedule based on high yielding areas

High yielding areas are the ones, which are frequently asked in the exam. The topics like theories, concepts, and thinkers are given greater importance in our micro schedule.

Personalised Mentorship

This course consists of 6 Weekly and 2 Full length tests, faculty will do one on one evaluation and empower the students to focus on improving there answer writing skills and mentor them .

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